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Gearcon Drilling Tools has introduced our G Series motors to the market, a vast new line of Gearcon Drilling Motors. The G Series motors are a technological spearhead for the drilling motor development industry. The line includes our standard oil lubricated and sealed G-9 motor model with superior torque and bearing load carrying capacity, as well as extended oil retention. Next, we have our G-9 HT oil lubricated and sealed model with enormously enhanced torque carrying capacity, and finally our G-7 mud lubricated model with short bit to bend (SBTB) length and ability to drill all three sections of the well in a single trip.

Both mud lubricated and oil lubricated Bearing Assemblies are coupled with unique, vibration free transmission to assure performance, reliability, efficiency and long lifespan of our tools. Gearcon Motors prove that uniform RPM and torque is constantly applied to the bit, maintaining constant ROP, increasing life of the motor and the life of a drill bit. The proprietary bearings are designed to sustain prolonged radial and thrust loads either while on bottom or back reaming.

Gearcon Drilling Motors are offered with surface set adjustable 0-3 degree Bent Housing Assemblies or Fixed Bent Housings. All Motors are equipped with Rotor Catch Assemblies.  Our near bit stabilizers and offset kick pads are available upon request.

Gearcon Motors are designed with a primary focus on reliability and simplicity that offer performance in the field and effortlessness in the service bay. All components are manufactured to rigorous quality standards with the highest quality materials that meet a variety of requirements of drilling applications.